Here is the list of the partners and associates for the 2024 edition of Black & White Photo Awards contest.

Launched in 2013 by Martin Vegas, and organized by DeFactory non profit cultural association, ImageNation aims to identify high-quality work by new voices in contemporary photography. The purpose is to connect the photo community and its audiences with the most inspiring works in print, in person, and online.

Since 2016, ImageNation is based in Paris, bringing the exhibitions also to Arles as part of the Voies Off Festival; to Venice during the Film Festival days; and to Los Angeles as part of the LA Art Show. Since 2021, ImageNation showcases an annual event in Milan. Since 2023, ImageNation is on show in New York.

ImageNation brings together Talented and awarded artists from all over the world with a wide range of interests, experience and backgrounds joined by the common passion of photography.

All the photographers featured at ImageNation have been invited to show their work since they have the ability to see the unusual in the everyday and to capture the moment. Or because their creativity can inspire both visually as well as emotionally. Blending stories from the world with creative fine-art works, ImageNation explores the many ways of interpreting the world around us.

´╗┐Snap Collective is an innovative and unconventional publishing concept, founded by Dr. Philipp W. M├╝ller, specifically designed to help to bring to life portfolios of international photographers and artists. The idea behind Snap Collective is to give artists a possibility to publish a photo book or a portfolio of their work without enormous efforts, offering a streamlined platform with some of the best printing and distribution partners, support of a design team and more.

Snap Collective is a diligent, creative and motivated team that respect the artist's vision and ensure an efficient, high-quality publication. Every service offered starts with an oral exchange with the photographer.

Snap Collective works with the Print-on-Demand technology, which means there is no financial risk involved and that allows artists to print books as they're ordered. The artist also receives a substantial discount on all the purchases.

For each book project, Snap Collective first creates a book cover and together with the artist launchs a pre-order campaign to determine if the book has a potential.

You can find more information about Snap Collective on their official website

The Pierrevert Photographic Nights festival offers the opportunity for author-photographers to show their work alongside big names in photography.

It was created under the leadership of St├ęphane Kossmann, professional photographer recognized for his portraits of stars and president of the association. He wanted to set up a special event around the eighth art in his adopted village, Pierrevert.

Over the years, the event has become more successful, judging not only by the growing participation of the public each year, but also by the quality of the jury's selections.

The richness of this festival is the spirit of conviviality and sharing which reigns there: the artists are warmly hosted by the Pierreverdants, the festival-goers can speak freely with the photographers, who, recognized or in the making, exchange their points of view.

Accessible to all and completely free, it has been running for 12 years thanks to the investment of many volunteers. Its aim is to lift the veil on the discovery of talents in new horizons while meeting the gaze of the greats of the eighth art.

You will find more information on the Nuits Photographiques de Pierrevert festival on their official website

OPENEYE "Le regard d'aujourd'hui sur la Photographie" is a magazine of a new genre, which takes a contemporary view of Photography. Through its various issues, it aims to meet the expectations of all lovers of images, who see how things are moving very quickly in the field of photography. It also helps to reveal young creators who are booming, while not forgetting established talents.

OPENEYE has among its main ambitions to try to decipher the codes of modern photography. To do this, the magazine gives voice to personalities from the art world and provides simple legal answers to its readers, particularly concerning the problems they may encounter in the current whirlwind of social networks or elsewhere.

Because Photography is proving to be the major art of the 21st century, OPENEYE is trying to discover around the world what new trends are being confirmed and especially which ones will prevail within a few years.

OPENEYE's ambition is none other than to take a free and uninhibited look at today's photography. This is why it offers its readers a modern and original magazine, access to its time, and above all produced by a team of enthusiasts.

FotoSlovo is a magazine about photography, art and multimedia. It writes about famous photographers, reveal the secrets of well-known images and publish works of emerging talented photographers. It share with its readers new inspirations, tell about exhibitions, explore new trends and interview iconic Artists.

FotoSlovo is all about images that became an Art. Readers will find examples of such creative works in different styles. Its website will help everyone to develop the capacity to differentiate ordinary photographs from masterpiece. This skill will help in the professional growth of amateur photographers and will teach to develop taste and creativity.

FotoSlovo makes it possible to be aware of new trends in all creative directions. It is a portal into the world of photography and art with the access free !

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