• Abyssal EchoesThe B&W Photographer Of The Year - Mr Miklas Martin
  • StatesThe Best B&W Photo Project - Mrs Iryna Vlasiuk
  • We are all made of light and shadowSpecial Mention - Mrs Nancy Poeran
  • Quartier St AntoineSpecial Mention - Mr HUBERT BARRE
  • Embracing daily awkwardnessSpecial Mention - Ms Chlo├ę Desdevises
  • The last you seeSpecial Mention - Mr Patrice Domenique
  • M├ętamorphosesSpecial Mention - Mrs RACHEL FAIVRE
  • The yin-and-yang dune and the treeThe B&W Photo of the Year - Mrs Marleen Van Hove
  • Look at meSpecial Mention - Mr Thomas Maschner
  • Scarified StoriesSpecial Mention - Mr Thibault Gerbaldi
  • Masque floralSpecial Mention - Mr CHRISTIAN LA CARBONA
  • Self-PortraitSpecial Mention - Mr Jean-Marc BARA
  • The citySpecial Mention - Mr Ant├│nio  Coelho

B&WPA is a photo competition dedicated to black and white photography.

Here we go for a 3rd edition of the Black & White Photo Awards competition. After the previous edition which crowned the work of the photographer St├ęphanie CHOTIA, our competition come back this year with the renewed ambition of revealing new talents and introducing the public to new winning photographers.


Why a Black and White competition ?

Black and white has been the essence of photography since its invention almost 200 years ago. Beyond its timeless side and its simplification of reality, black and white, with its emphasis on textures, its shades of gray and the contrasts it brings out, gives images a unique imprint that enhances the image. signed in black and white and elevates it to an artistic rank whose potential exceeds, in the eyes of many photographers, that of photos interpreted in color.

At B&WPA we believe that black and white is a separate genre of photography which alone deserves a dedicated competition to reward the best photographers of this genre. Participating in a photo competition is always an opportunity to confront your author's perspective with the critical eyes of experts in the field. It is also a way to compare yourself to others in order to assess your level, to progress as a photographer and to build a true author's perspective.

It is also an opportunity for the winners to include an additional line in their artistic CV with the rewards they can obtain via our jury as well as the participations in renowned festivals and prestigious exhibitions that they can win once they are winners. Recognition which is sometimes difficult to obtain in normal times, because the photographer's environment is so closed.


A significant cash prize :

In addition to $1,500 in cash prizes, in this 2024 edition we will also be offering as a prize the latest iPhone 15 - 256 GB which is equipped with a 48 Mpx camera and the latest technologies available. Which makes it the most complete photo phone on the market.



An effective support strategy :

As usual. We will not just offer a cash prize to the winner and turn the page. Our philosophy is always based on the principle of « support until recognition », for us it requires the fact that the work of the winners can live for a long time and circulate not only virtually online but also physically as an artistic work in its own right.

All via a strategy well established for years, which is to show the work of the winning photographers not only to an audience of black and white photography enthusiasts but above all to key players in the world of photography (curators, collectors, gallery directors...) so that they can help photographers to break the glass ceiling and open new doors with their talent, which will open the way to new opportunities... and so on.


Key partnerships :

As usual, we worked on the packaging of this edition of the B&WPA in order to announce to our participants good news and a major advance compared to last year.


A major exhibition in Paris :

We are therefore pleased to announce that this year's winners will have their work exhibited in a prestigious gallery, one of the largest in Paris, located in a historic « the Marais, a must-see for art dealers, collectors and fans of art and photo exhibitions.

The major exhibition which will host this year's B&WPA winners will take place from May 24 to 26, 2024 on the sidelines of the event ImageNation Paris who is now our partner.



Publication of a photo book :

We are also pleased to announce that we have also entered into an exclusive partnership with Snap Collective, a publishing house that grows from year to year, and which this year will give our winners, special mentions and finalists the chance to publish their first photo monograph. Being able to edit a photo book is a dream and a challenge that all photographers want to accomplish at some point in their career.

´╗┐Snap Collective is an innovative and unconventional publishing concept, founded by Dr. Philipp W. M├╝ller, specifically designed to help to bring to life portfolios of international photographers and artists. The idea behind Snap Collective is to give artists a possibility to publish a photo book or a portfolio of their work without enormous efforts, offering a streamlined platform with some of the best printing and distribution partners, support of a design team and more.



Participate in a major photo festival in France :

And no it's not over ! The big winner of the B&NPA will see his work projected on a giant cinema screen in the middle of a summer night in July during a photo festival, one of our favorites, which is also our partner and which needs no introduction “ The Photographic Nights of Pierrevert »

The Pierrevert Photographic Nights festival thus offers the opportunity for author-photographers to project their work alongside big names in photography.



Publish your work in two top photo magazines - Openeye and FotoSlovo :



OPENEYE "Le regard d'aujourd'hui sur la Photographie" is a magazine of a new genre, which takes a contemporary view of Photography. Through its various issues, it aims to meet the expectations of all lovers of images, who see how things are moving very quickly in the field of photography. It also helps to reveal young creators who are booming, while not forgetting established talents.



FotoSlovo is a magazine about photography, art and multimedia. It writes about famous photographers, reveal the secrets of well-known images and publish works of emerging talented photographers. It share with its readers new inspirations, tell about exhibitions, explore new trends and interview iconic Artists. FotoSlovo is all about images that became an Art. Readers will find examples of such creative works in different styles.



Do not wait ! You can register now and prepare your entry for the next edition of our competition, which the call for entries will begin in January 2025


Our prestigious jury will judge the best entries and reward the winning photographer who will see his work recognized by a magnificent prize for a total amount of $1250, in addition to seeing his work exhibited in a major photo festival.

Check last year winners gallery